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Get Booked On The Shows You Want To Be On Even If They're On Your Chicken List, with special guest Jem Fuller

May 10, 2023 Carl Richards Season 1 Episode 14
Podcast Solutions Made Simple
Get Booked On The Shows You Want To Be On Even If They're On Your Chicken List, with special guest Jem Fuller
Show Notes

If you're a savvy coach, consultant or subject matter expert who speaks to get the word out about what it is you do, you know the value of stage time. A podcast is essentially stage time. There are some things though you need to be aware of before just jumping on a podcast. 

No doubt it's your dream to be on the podcast of someone famous. Maybe it's your favourite thought leader, or YOUR coach (who's further along on their journey and has a huge community you can leverage). Being a guest though is a huge responsibility...and today's guest as learned, not just how to get booked on any podcast, but how to get booked on the shows that have skyrocketed his brand, his business and his credibility.  

From his punk days squatting in London and barefoot backpacking years on the Indian sub-continent, right through to senior leadership within a multi-national company, Jem Fuller has lived the extremes.

His stories and life lessons draw from experiences as an actor and singer-songwriter, global tattooist, fire dancer, kindergarten teacher and volunteer in Asia, motorcycle courier and travel consultant, Reflexologist and Chinese Masseuse, and in the last decade, leader of retreats in the Himalaya and advisor to executive leaders.

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