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Time Myth Pt Two: Stopping The Clock Doesn't Give You More Time...Redistributing Your Content Does, with Tony Gyenis

January 17, 2023 askcarl@carlspeaks.ca Season 1 Episode 11
Podcast Solutions Made Simple
Time Myth Pt Two: Stopping The Clock Doesn't Give You More Time...Redistributing Your Content Does, with Tony Gyenis
Show Notes

'I just don't have the time!'
How often have we said that, not really meaning it?  Have you ever noticed if you need or want something bad enough you find the time? Not only that, but our concept of time as it refers to podcasting is often misguided.  The Time Myth, as we explored in the last episode is as made up as time itself.   Today Carl and his guest take the time to bust the Time Myth, revealing how time was a hold out. Not anymore! Time is on his side!

Connecting to Spirit and the energies that surround others are just two of Tony Gyenis’s many abilities. He understands how to move energy like a stream moves water, and works with his clients to give them the energetic assistance they need. Never doubting Spirit and the instructions given to him, Tony is a true messenger of divine energy.

Tony pursued a formal education in Feng Shui, with the intention to share what he learned with others, spreading prosperity. This pursuit then led him to learn other crafts, such as Vibrational Healing Sound Therapy, Angel Therapy, and Mediumship with Doreen Virtue. Today he is the only Tuning Fork Master Teacher in Canada that we know of to teach under SomaEnergetics and believes that self-empowerment is our natural state.

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