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Time Myth: You Have Time...You Just Don't Believe You Do!

January 17, 2023 askcarl@carlspeaks.ca Season 1 Episode 10
Podcast Solutions Made Simple
Time Myth: You Have Time...You Just Don't Believe You Do!
Show Notes

In the last episode Carl Richards and Diana Lidstone talked tech. Not really Diana's favourite subject...and she admitted TECH was holding her back from launching a podcast. Not now! She doesn't need to worry about it...she has a team that supports her and the show!  One Podcast Myth remains, and we're about to  eradicate it, for good!  Here's a quick look at the list of what those myths are:

  • Money myth (debunked by Cindy Little)
  • Competition myth (kicked to the curb by Bernie Franzgrote)
  • Content myth (exposed for what it is and eliminated by Katherine Burrows)
  • Tech myth (all systems a go, tech myth shut down by Diana Lidstone)
  • Time myth 

In this episode Carl unpacks the fifth myth, the Time Myth.

Question: which myth is holding you back from launching a show? Is there more than one? Let us know about it!

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